Gangs & Gang Violence

When you’re a teen, wanting to belong to a group with your friends is natural. Sometimes teens become involved with groups they decide aren’t good for them. One example is a gang. If you are being pressured to join a gang or if you have already become involved with a gang, the following agencies or groups may be able to help you.

Heartland Family Service

Youthnet Counseling

Individual and family counseling for middle school-age youth involved in high risk behavior, including truancy, substance abuse, gang involvement, pregnancy, etc. Counseling also includes siblings. Counseling services may be provided in the home, at school or at the Family Service locations. Counseling services available at various locations.


HFS: Central Office

Address 2101 S 42nd St
Omaha, NE 68105
Phone (402) 553-3000
Hours Monday-Thursday 8:30 AM-8PM; Friday 8:30 AM-5 PM


HFS: South Office

Address 4007 Harrison St
Omaha, NE 68147
Phone (402) 553-3000
Hours Monday-Wednesday 8:30 AM-6 PM; Thursday-Friday 8:30 AM-5 PM


HFS: North Office

Address 6720 N 30th St
Omaha, NE 68112
Phone (402) 553-3000


HFS: West Office

Address 614 N 108th Court
Omaha, NE 68154
Phone (402) 553-3000
Hours Monday-Wednesday 8:30 AM-8 PM; Thursday 8:30 AM-6 PM


HFS: Papillion Office

Address 1246 Golden Gate Dr, Suite 2
Papillion, NE 68046
Phone (402) 553-3000


HFS: Council Bluffs

Address 515 E Broadway
Council Bluffs, IA 51503
Phone (402) 553-3000
Hours Monday & Thursday 8:30 AM-8 PM; Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30 AM-5 PM; Friday 8:30 AM-2:30 PM

Lutheran Family Services Of Nebraska

All locations offer individual, couple, and family counseling for a variety of emotional and mental health problems. Specialized groups in some locations. Accepts most insurance. Sliding fee available based on eligibility. Bi-lingual and hearing impaired services available at the Bellevue office. Confidential


24 hr. answering service at all locations


LFS Bellevue Office

Address 730 N Fort Crook Rd
Bellevue, NE 68005
Phone (402) 292-9105
Hours Monday & Wednesday 8 AM-9 PM; Tuesday & Thursday 8 AM-6 PM; Friday 8 AM-noon


LFS Papillion Office

Address 1410 E Gold Cost Rd, Suite 200 
Papillion, NE 68046
Phone (402) 592-0639
Hours Monday & Wednesday 9 AM-8 PM; Tuesday & Thursday 8 AM-6 PM

LFS Plattsmouth Office

Address 546 Ave. A, Suite 1
Plattsmouth, NE 68048
Phone (402) 296-3315
Hours Monday-Thursday By appointment

LFS Freemont Office #1

Address 1420 East Military, Suite 100
Freemont, NE 68025
Phone (402) 721-1774
Hours Monday-Thursday: By appointment


LFS Freemont Office #2 - Rupert Dunklau Center for Healthy Families

Address 1420 East Military, Suite 200 
Freemont, NE 68025
Phone (402) 941-0075
Hours Monday-Thursday By appointment

LFS North Omaha #1

Address 205 N 24th St, Suite 201
Omaha, NE 68110
Phone (402) 455-9757
Hours Monday-Thursday By appointment

LFS North Omaha #2 - North Omaha Center for Healthy Families

Address 3040 Lake Street, Suite 124
Omaha, NE 68111
Phone (402) 504-1733

LFS Blair Office

Address 403 S 16th, Suite C
Blair, NE 68008
Phone (402) 426-5454
Hours Tuesday & Wednesday By appointment

LFS Main Office

Address 120 S 24th St, Suite 100
Omaha, NE 68102
Phone (402) 342-7007

Omaha Police Gang Unit

Assists youth that need information about and alternatives to involvement with problems such as drugs or gangs. You may use this hot line number to share information about graffiti or drug activity.


Address 505 S 15th St
Omaha, NE 68102
Phone (402) 444-5990
Hours Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM

Urban League of Nebraska

This program is designed to engage High-risk, in and out-of-school youth and young adults who face barriers to staying in school, who may sometimes suffer or perpetrate acts of violence or negative behaviors, who are not achieving at age and grade appropriate academic levels.

The Urban League offers a variety of programs and services focused on empowering Nebraska’s youth, providing career support, finding affordable health care services and creating safer communities. The Urban League of Nebraska also invests in community leaders, connecting individuals and organizations to volunteer and leadership opportunities.

The mission of the Urban League of Nebraska is to be an empowering voice in the community advocating for economic self-reliance, parity, power, civil rights and equal opportunity for all.


Help Line 8 AM-4:30 PM (402) 453-9730


Address 3040 Lake Street
Omaha, NE 68111
Phone (402) 453-9730
Hours 8 AM-4:30 PM Monday-Friday

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